General medicine
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We combine complete basic medical care with effective, rapid investigation and treatment to achieve the successful treatment of health problems.


General medicine designed for you

Medical problems are often not restricted to a single area, but need to be understood in the context of the entire system.
All of our practice specialists place great value on the optimum care of your health for every treatment, taking care to address your individual needs. A successful therapy also requires a comprehensive diagnosis.
  • Practice laboratory for rapid diagnosis
  • Immediate, high-quality findings using digital X-rays
  • Identification of cardiac arrhythmias using long-term ECG
  • Rapid dispensing of medicines from our in-house pharmacy

High quality general medicine

Medical basic care
Complete, modern general medicine with diagnosis and therapy of diseases of the organs, muscles, bones, skin, joints, ear, nose, throat and eyes as well as wound care and minor surgery
The latest diagnostic procedures for especially rapid and successful treatment and care using medical laboratory analyses, digital X-rays, ECG, 24-hour blood pressure monitoring, basic lung function testing as well as investigation and testing of sleep apnoea
Prevention and advice
A variety of preventive and consultation services: Health check-ups, help to quit smoking and desensitisation for allergies, Bodymed services (weight reduction, liver fasting, vital substances consultation)
Travel medicine
Travel advice with necessary and recommended vaccinations
Other examinations
Examinations for the ability to drive level 1
Dispensing of medicines
Direct, rapid dispensing of prescribed medicines from our in-house pharmacy

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